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Information on the organization of hunting in the hunting season 2022-2023

Information on the organization of hunting in the hunting season 2022-2023

The Forest District Office Bircza informs that from April 1, 2020, the rules for the sale of hunting for hunting offices and foreign hunters in the state forests animal breeding centers in the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Krosno (OHZ LP) have changed.


Hunting offices and individual hunters can now buy hunting directly in our Forest District Office.


Hunting order:

If you decide to take advantage of our hunting offer, please send AN APPLICATION FOR HUNTING ORGANISATION to the e-mail address bircza@krosno.lasy.gov.pl, or correspondence address Forest District Office Bircza Stara Bircza 99, 37-740 Bircza, telephone: 660 798 191 or  600 914 019


The application should include:

  1. Details of hunters (name and address, date of birth, nationality, series and  number of weapons, and the caliber of weapons that hunters will take on the hunt).
  2. Number of hunters who are interested in hunting in our hunting grounds.
  3. Date of stay.
  4. Date of hunting.
  5. Species and quantity of game they would like to hunt (in the case of male deer also a weight trophy should be specified).
  6. Type of accommodation.
  7. Hunter or hunter group account.


The order should be sent 14 days before the planned hunting date. The submission deadline may be shorter only by mutual agreement of the parties. The forest district selling the hunt after receiving the order will send back confirmation of the hunt, together with information on the amount and date of payment (prepayment) and the account number to which the advance should be paid.

The organiser will not allow hunters to hunt if prepayment has not been paid.

Settlement of hunting will be based on the principles specified in the PRICE OFFER.
All prices in the offer are gross prices, in which VAT has already been included.


Additional information:

    A hunter who goes hunting in Poland must have a valid:

  1. Permission to bring weapons and ammunition.
  2. Insurance against civil liability and the consequences of accidents.


The hunter bears full legal and material liability for damages resulting from his actions and is obliged to strictly comply with Polish hunting law.


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